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Ninetta is both a painter and photographer and her work has been described as poetic and romantic. She paints plein aire (outdoors) her subject Landscapes -Sunset Bays & Oceans, Parks-Central, Braddock and others; Venice, Italy; Florals-Portrait vases and botanicals and coming soon Santa Fé, New Mexico. Her philosophy of plein aire painting (and outdoor photography) is to capture the "Life Essence" of her subject matter, impressionistically, in order to transcend the atmosphere and the most beautiful & ephemeral moment. Oftentime hours are spent in order to paint that optimal moment of aesthetically pleasing value.

The poetic and romantic images I have captured in my photography represents modern man living in the backdrop of ancient architecture; the shapes of light and shadow of long past epochs. My photos will transport you to a land of natural and rustic beauty of old world Italian grandeur. In my Venetian photos you will revisit Venice, the "enchantress," whose atmosphere you will experience through the mysterious streams & pools of magical light, the shapes & shadows of sun-lit whimsical flower boxes, textures felt from peeling, crumbling building facades of classical Roman, Gothic and Byzantine architecture, all mirrored in the god given waters. On first hand, this is where I paint in watercolors the many varied canals, bridges and charming terraces. Through painting I have studied the optimum light and the best composition for my subjects. On alternate days I bring my photography equipment to document these magical sites. Some days I wait for the streams of the first light of sunrise over the Byzantine Basilica di San Marco located in the Piazza San Marco. Looking out on Venice's grand boulevard, the Grand Canal, from the Piazza San Marco, we see pointed rocking moored gondolas in the foreground as Palladio's San Georgio Church glows in the background like a fifteenth century spaceship. Some great bridges you will revisit will be the Bridge of Signs also known as the "Ponte Sospiro," the Rialto Bridge and the grand old wooden Academia Bridge. Then to a more intimate and quaint level you will visit Burano, a small island of brightly colored homes with window flower boxes casting shadows more interesting than the actual.

Leaving Venice I will take you to Rome, whose old world grandeur is witnessed through the Roman Forum know by the locals as the "Imperiali Romani." Here you will revisit the many varied Roman temples, the Coliseum (ie; Coloseo), the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo and other great Roman architectural plans. Before arriving in Rome, you will stop at Tuscany and witness the dreamy earthy Tuscan landscape of grapevines, olive and cypress trees and century old world Tuscan farmhouses as seen in Montepulciano or the rolling endless hillsides of San Querico di Orcia. Then I take you south of Rome to Naples also known as Napoli or Napule, whose old world grandeur continues to captivate us by the backdrops of the Vesuvius Volcano (i.e., Vesuvio), and its most magnificent majestic shoreline of the Amalfi Coast, known as the Costiere di Amalfi, with the city of Positano. Leaving the European continent we voyage to the Americas, the Southwest United States with its the majestic Grand Canyon then to the most interesting geography of Brazil's Rio De Janeiro. Last but not least you will revisit Venice again through my watercolor paintings, in the "Painting" section, and other watercolor paintings of large floras and a special order card section. Finally, you will find some interesting photos of Greece, New York City skyline and Twin Towers located in the section referred as "Other." Not to be missed are the photo images of the elegant lit up floras located in the "Floral" section. Also not to missed in the Paintings section are the watercolors of magnificent trees which hail from the James J. Braddock North Hudson County Park, North Bergen, NJ. Trees, in all their majestic beauty are absolutely necessary for our environment, as they help reduce the mishaps of Global Warming. (See Puffin Foundation grant acquisition, July 2013.)

Please take note, all of my photographs are available to the public for purchase, I print them from a negative in a darkroom on Fugi archival or Fugi Flex paper in various sizes from 5x7 inches to any enlargement that will suit your needs and can be shipped anywhere in the world with or without matting. I also sign each photo in a gold or silver paint-pen. Please refer to the pricing section for available sizes. Most importantly, traditional colors and locations remain unadulterated in my photos, respecting their original palette and places of reference. (ie; no Photoshop.) For viewing purposes, click on any city name listed on the bar on the left side of this page, and make sure to further click on any thumbnail to view a larger image.

I thank you for visiting my website. I hope you can feel what I feel when looking at these photographs, and maybe their rustic fairytale beauty will take you far, far away into a waking dream to where the sun always shines. Enjoy!